What Do Parents And Students Need To Know About Charter Schools?

Education is fundamental for students of all ages. In school, children learn the facts and skills they'll need to succeed in university and the job market. The school that your child attends will determine many things about their formative years. For this reason, many parents decide to send their children to charter schools for the numerous benefits they offer. Here are four things parents and students should know about charter schools.

1. Charter schools are not private schools.

Some people hold the misconception that charter schools are private schools. However, all charter schools are public schools. They receive funding from the government based on the number of students enrolled in the program. However, like private schools, charter schools operate on an opt-in basis. Kids who live in the charter school's area of enrollment may choose to attend the charter school or their local public school.

2. Charter schools utilize lottery systems.

Sometimes, the number of students who want to attend a charter school exceeds the number of available openings. In these situations, a lottery system is utilized. Parents can place their child into the lottery system, and invitations for enrollment will be extended using a random, unbiased selection process. Once you receive an invitation, you will also be given a charter school enrollment package. These enrollment packages contain applications that must be filled out and submitted before the deadline. Some charter schools also request interviews with parents and children during the applicant selection process.

3. Charter schools do not charge tuition.

If you'd like to send your child to a charter school, you don't have to worry about being able to afford it. Charter schools are public schools, which means they are free to attend. A charter school education is a great way to place your child in a high-quality learning environment, and best of all, it is accessible to people of all income levels.

4. Charter schools can offer customized curricula.

When designing a curriculum, traditional public schools must use material approved by local school boards. This can pose a problem for kids who learn best through alternate methods of study. Charter schools have more freedom when designing a curriculum for students. Gifted students and those who are interested in a particular field may be better served by a charter school. Charter schools are still accountable to school boards, but they offer a unique learning experience that many parents appreciate.

For more information about charter school enrollment, reach out to a local charter school.