Improve Your Toddler's Listening And Speech Skills

Improve your toddler's listening and speech skills, through the use of some educational activities that are designed to engage youngsters. Your child's educational program can consist of socializing with other children and participating in one-on-one play-based activities.

A Program

A toddler learning program will provide your child with additional stimulation that they may not currently be accustomed to. Being surrounded by other children who take part in a learning program may prompt your toddler to interact with his/her peers. A solid educational program may include circle time, play-based learning centers, and group storytime.

A consistent schedule will be easier for your child to adapt to than an irregular schedule. Keep this in mind when choosing an educational program. If you are not currently employed, you can still benefit by enrolling your child in a program. Consider the times that your child is at a preschool as ones that you can use to complete tasks on your 'to-do' list. 

Play-Based Activities

There may be many opportunities for your child to learn through play-based activities that are introduced at school. You can replicate some of your toddler's favorite activities, while the two of you interact at home. You can also introduce some new play-based activities.

A telephone game and a puppet show are two activities that may prompt your child to listen and speak aloud. For the telephone game, you will need a couple of toy phones. Set the phones up near one another and encourage your child to sit down by one of them. Next, pretend to make a call to your child.

Talk clearly and use complete sentences. Hold a conversation with your child for several minutes. During the conversation, ask your child some open-ended questions. This will encourage your child to string words together while they are answering you.

For the puppet show activity, use a box and a drape to create a makeshift puppet stage. Purchase several character puppets. Allow your toddler to pick out one or more puppets that they would like to use during the puppet show.

Select a couple of puppets that you will be using during the puppet show. Choose some household items that can be used as props. Pick a topic for the puppet show. Use your puppets to act out a dialog. Once your puppets have finished speaking, direct your child to use their puppets in the same manner that you did.

For more information, contact a child education service that provides toddler learning.