Time To Choose A Preschool For Your Child? 4 Approaches To Early Childhood Education To Consider

If it's time to choose a preschool for your child, you want to make sure you choose the right one. In order to do that, you need to look at the different types of preschools that are available to you. Each type of preschool will gear it's educational programs towards a specific educational philosophy. To choose the right preschool for your child, you need to choose one where you know that the goals you have for your child will be met. It's also important to choose a program that approaches early childhood education in a manner that is consistent with what you want for your child. Here are four approaches for you to consider.

Teachers Lead the Educational Activities

If you prefer a structured educational setting for your child, you'll want to look at preschools that utilize the teacher-led approach to early childhood education. With this type of approach, the teacher acts as the facilitator of all educational activities. The teacher-led approach will also utilize a pre-determined schedule that will be followed throughout the day, which will create a more structured environment for your child.

Children Lead the Educational Activities

If you prefer to give your child the opportunity to learn at their own speed, and without the rigid structure that a teacher-led approach provides, you should consider a preschool that offers the child-led approach to early childhood education. A child-led approach allows children to choose the activities they'll participate in throughout the day, and will also allow them to determine when they'll move on to a new activity. This type of approach focuses more on each individual child.

Teachers Work with Children to Encourage Individual Interests

If you'd prefer an approach that provides a balance between teacher-led, and child-led approaches, you'll want to look into preschool programs that take the child-centered approach to early childhood education. This type of approach allows for the inclusion of individual interests, especially when it comes to designing educational activities. While the teacher still leads the activities, the children are allowed to take a more active role throughout the day.

Teachers and Family Work Together to Facilitate Learning

If you prefer the idea of engaging the "takes a village to raise a child" approach to preschool, you might want to look into community-centered programs. These types of programs encourage active participation by the parents. Through this type of program, children interact with other parents and family members during the course of the day. In fact, parents and other family members are encouraged to volunteer as classroom assistants.

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