Four Factors That Go Into Choosing The Location Of Your Childcare Facility

One of the most important decisions to make when it comes to choosing a childcare facility is location. After all, you want it to be convenient, especially if you have to rush out of the house to drop your child off and then get to work. Here are four factors that should go into this decision:

  1. Safety: First, you want to consider what areas of town are considered to be safer. Is your neighborhood safer than the neighborhood close to work? If so, then it might be better to choose childcare that is located close to home. This way, you have peace of mind knowing your child is safe. However, it might be safer in a neighborhood that is halfway between work and home, which is another consideration you want to take. 
  2. Convenience: There are a couple of different scenarios that can completely alter the convenience of one childcare center over another. If, for example, you work late hours and your spouse or parents pick up your child, then you will want a facility that is located close to them. This makes it easier on the person picking up so that chances of late pickup are avoided. 
  3. Late Pickup Fees: If your work is located pretty far from home, then you might want to choose a childcare center located near work. Otherwise, if traffic or other unexpected delays make you late, the late fees can really stack up against you. You might also consider a childcare center that has more hourly options so you can stay at work later or get through traffic on the way home before picking up your child. 
  4. Distance From the Freeway: There are some situations in which you will probably want to have a childcare center located closer to the freeway, especially if you are dropping your child off halfway between work and home because the neighborhood is safer. Otherwise, the long distance from the highway can delay your commute significantly. However, if you don't take the freeway to get to work, then a childcare center located as far from the freeway as possible is probably safer and should be considered as long as it continues to be convenient for drop-off and pickup. 

With these four factors in mind, choosing a childcare facility that is convenient for you and your family is going to be much easier and will help narrow down your available options.